Review: “The Legend of Korra” Book 3: Change On Blu-ray And DVD

Review: "The Legend of Korra" Book 3: Change On Blu-ray And DVD
"The Legend of Korra" Book 3: Change is available now on Blu-ray and DVD! Read our review to find out exactly what you're in for!

As The Legend of Korra slowly comes to an end, with the show’s final episode set to air on December 19, fans of the Nickelodeon series have little to look forward now that Korra, Mako, Bolin, and Asami won’t be regularly gracing their TV and/or computer screens.

To quench our thirst for all things Avatar, fans will get to enjoy great products, like the recently released The Legend of Korra Book 3: Change, available now on Blu-ray and DVD.

If you’re looking to keep the magic of Korra alive with you, even after the show ends, then you absolutely need to make sure that your DVD shelf is stocked with every single season.

Book 3: Change saw Korra dealing with the repercussions of choosing to leave the spirit portals open. Now, spirits have crossed over into the physical world and are starting to slowly take over Republic City. Will humans and spirits be able to learn to live together in harmony? Meanwhile, four powerful, criminal benders escape from their respective prisons, and begin to hunt Korra. But, what do they want from the Avatar? And what connection do they have to Korra’s past?

Review: "The Legend of Korra" Book 3: Change On Blu-ray And DVDThe Legend of Korra Book 3: Change on Blu-ray is gorgeous. When I popped the disc into my player, the first thing I noticed was the stunning animation. It’s no secret that the animators who work on Korra are, quite simply, some of the best in the business. But, there’s a certain higher quality that comes from watching your favourite episodes in such stunning picture.

The Blu-ray set comes with 2 discs, each one loaded with episodes. Disc 2, however, is where you’ll find the 5 hours of exclusive Blu-ray content, including 9 audio commentaries by the creators, Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino, and other members of the crew.

Getting the chance to listen to Bryke discuss their own personal thoughts on an episode is always so thrilling. I always walk away looking at the episode in an entirely different way.

As viewers, we only see the finished product. We can’t always perceive the amount of heart, sweat, and tears that go into an episode. We can’t always comprehend the decisions and the imagination that goes into each frame. But, when we get to hear dialogue from such inspiring visionaries, you can’t help but see the world of Avatar and Korra in a completely different light.

Also included in the special features is 9 “The Spirit of an Episode” featurettes in which the respective episode’s director and assistant director speak about their views on that episode, their ideas, their opinions of the characters, and more.

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You can find “The Spirit of an Episode” featurette for the following episodes: “The Terror Within,” “The Stakeout,” “Long Live the Queen,” “The Ultimatum,” “Enter the Void,” and “Venom of the Red Lotus.”

The front cover art for the case sees Korra standing in front of the air temple where Tenzin took the new airbenders for training. Her body is turned away, but her head is turned back, her eyes looking directly at an imagined opponent. Her airbending staff is pressed to her side, as if the young Avatar is gearing up for a fight.

While the DVD set doesn’t include the 5 hours of bonus content, it does come with 4 audio commentaries by the creators and crew and 4 “The Spirit of an Episode” featurettes. We’ll be giving away a DVD copy in the next day, so make sure to check back soon!

You can purchase The Legend of Korra Book 3: Change on Amazon now! If you’re in Canada, you can get get the DVD and Blu-ray version on!

What was your favourite moment from “The Legend of Korra” Book 3: Change? Will you be purchasing a copy of the Blu-ray or DVD set?

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