HBO Has Released New Footage From “Game of Thrones” Season 5

HBO Has Released New Footage From "Game of Thrones" Season 5

HBO has released their annual yearender promo video to highlight their TV show programming from 2014. Also included in the video is new footage from shows returning in 2015!

At the 1:38 mark, fans of Game of Thrones will get a few seconds of new footage from the show’s upcoming fifth season. You’ll see a determined Cersei, a possibly perplexed Jon Snow, a nearly unrecognizable Tyrion, and a changing Arya arriving in Braavos.

Watch the full video below:

HBO has been slow with its promotion of Game of Thrones season 5, only releasing bits and pieces of footage and, most recently, a look at Arya Stark’s new costume. However, we’ve yet to get a full trailer, which I expect will arrive sometime in 2015.

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