Watch The First 20 Minutes Of The “Eye Candy” Premiere Episode

Watch The First 20 Minutes Of The "Eye Candy" Premiere Episode
MTV has released an extended clip which gives fans a chance to see the first 20 minutes of the upcoming series, "Eye Candy."

In anticipation for the show’s January 12 premiere, MTV has released the first 20 minutes of Eye Candy‘s very first episode!

In case you’re in the dark, Eye Candy revolves Lindy (Victoria Justice), who finds herself the target of an elusive serial killer who just so happens to be one of the men she’s met from an online dating site. But, finding a psychopath is never as easy as you might think.

Watch the full extended clip below:

Not only does the clip give us a solid idea of Justice’s character, but it also allows us to delve into the mind of the serial killer who seems to be particular about the people that he kills and admits that the internet has made it easier for him to find his victims. “It used to be I had to go outside to find them. Not anymore,” He said. “The internet. God’s gift to psychopaths.”

If you’re behind on MTV’s recent promotional material for Eye Candy, make sure to check out this teaser, the full-length trailer, and the first photos from the pilot episode!

And the synopsis for Eye Candy only adds to the anticipation:

“Eye Candy’ centers on tech genius Lindy, who is persuaded to begin online dating. When her friends at the elusive cyber-police uncover a potential serial killer in Manhattan, all signs point to one of Lindy’s dates. Lindy teams up with the hackers to solve the murders while unleashing her own style of justice on the streets of New York City.”

Eye Candy season 1, episode 1 will air on Monday, January 12 at 10PM EST on MTV.

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