“Game of Thrones” Casts Nell Williams As Young Cersei Lannister

"Game of Thrones" Casts Nell Williams As Young Cersei Lannister
"Game of Thrones" has cast young actress, Nell Williams, as their young Cersei Lannister!

It seems that Game of Thrones has found their young Cersei Lannister in actress, Nell Williams.

The casting news has yet to be confirmed by HBO, but Williams’ IMDb profile lists her as appearing on Game of Thrones in 2016 for the show’s sixth season.

For those not in the know, and for the sake of a well-rounded article, adult Cersei is played by Lena Headey.

Not much is known about why the show has chosen to introduce a young Cersei, other than the fact that there will be flashbacks to the cold queen’s past. Even more peculiar is that many were under the assumption that Cersei’s flashbacks would begin in season 5, but considering that filming has likely wrapped at this point, ahead of the show’s spring 2015 premiere, a season 6 entry seems much more likely.

According to reports, Cersei’s flashback will involve her and a friend visiting a fortuneteller named Maggy the Frog

Williams past credits include The Revolting World of Stanley Brown and Loving Miss Hatto.

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