“Glee” Season 6, Episode 1 & 2 Recap: Welcome Back To Ohio

"Glee" Season 6, Episode 1 & 2 Recap: Welcome Back To Ohio
Read our recap of "Glee"'s two-part season 6 premiere to find out what happened after Rachel and Kurt returned home to reinstate the glee club!

The two-part premiere of Glee‘s sixth and final season, made up of two episodes, “Loser Like Me” and “Homecoming,” aired tonight and saw old glee club members return home for one unified purpose!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Episode 1: “Loser Like Me”

At the beginning of the episode, Rachel finds out that her TV show, “That’s So Rachel,” has been canceled and she herself has been fired. She begins to sing Alanis Morisettes’s “Uninvited” as the TV set begins to get torn down. Ass he continues to belt out the first song of the season, she’s whisked to the front of the studio in a golf cart, handed a box of her belongings, and left “out in the cold” as the gate closes before her.

Lost and confused, Rachel returns to Lima, Ohio after a time in hiding. When she arrives back to her room, one of her fathers greets her and tells her that they’re getting a divorce and that, while Rachel is welcome to stay as long as she wants, they put the house up for sale a few weeks ago.

Rachel meets up with Blaine at the Lima Bean, and her cover (floppy hat and big sunglasses) is almost blown when Figgins, a barista, begins to draw too much attention to her. She and Blaine start talking about what’s been going on and that’s when Blaine tells her that he and Kurt broke up.

After the relationship ended, Blaine became so depresses that his grades began to suffer and he was eventually kicked out of NYADA. He returned to Ohio and is now the new coach of the Dalton Warbler’s after their faculty adviser came down with Ebola.

Blaine and Rachel then perform a public duet of “Suddenly Seymour” from “Little Shop of Horrors.” The song and its placement make almost no sense to the overall plot of the show, but hey, why not, right?

The show flips to Sue Sylvester as she brags about how she has brought McKinley High to the forefront of education. She has done away with the arts and humanities, turned the old glee club’s choir room into a computer lab, and instituted random weigh-ins and public shaming of overweight students, among a myriad of other things.

Rachel visits Sam on McKinley High’s football field, where Coach Beiste is running the football team ragged. She has a run in with Spencer, a football star who is also gay and has a serious attitude.

After that, Rachel pays Sue a visit in her office to complain about the school’s absence of music and the arts. You can probably guess how that conversation ended.

Switch to Kurt in NYC where he arrives at a restaurant for a speed dating session. Amidst the colourful spectrum of guys he meets, he flashes back to a few months ago, in that same restaurant, when he and Blaine broke up. He tells a wedding-planning-obsessed Blaine that living together is supposed to be a trial run for marriage and that he doesn’t think it’s working. The two exchange harsh words before Kurt finally calls it quits on their engagement.

Will is in his apartment, performing for his baby son and telling him all about his new opportunity with Vocal Adrenaline. Soon, Will picks his son up and turns on the record player, only to look at the camera and count off the first performance of his new glee club.

The group performs “Dance The Night Away” and rolls their eyes after the knock-out performance when Will attempts to bond with them. As they walk off stage, arms crossed, Rachel emerges from behind-the-scenes and she and Will have a deep conversation about Rachel, her dreams, etc. It’s all very moving.

Back at Will’s place, he, Blaine, Sam, and Rachel’s father sit her down to watch “That’s So Rachel” as a sort of intervention. The show is, as was said, completely horrible and was basically a corny retelling of Rachel’s time in NYC. The apartment was identical and was filled with over-the-top actors as her friends. Carrot Top, the Academy Award winning actor that he is, even had a role: he played Barty (Artie), Rachel’s disabled friend in a wheel chair who was somehow able to cross his legs.

Rachel heads off to the Lima School Board to meet with the superintendent about bringing the glee club back to McKinley. She offers up her own money, from That’s So Rachel, to bring it back, and the super agrees. But, only on the condition that she take it over and be the coach.

When she returns home, she finds Kurt sitting on her bed. The two speak and she tells Rachel that she regrets letting Blaine go and wants to get him back. Rachel comes up with a great idea to lift Kurt’s spirits, which also conveniently fits in with his work-study program for NYADA, and invites him to join her as coach of the new glee club.

Kurt meets Blaine at the popular gay bar, Scandals, and tells his ex-boyfriend that he wants him back. Blaine seems flustered and admits to Kurt that he has a new boyfriend. Karofsky emerges and gives Blaine a kiss on the cheek before taking a seat beside his new beau. Blaine and Karofsky, you guys. Blarofsky? Karaine? Think on it.

Kurt is devastated by this latest development and excuses himself to the restroom where he slides down the bathroom wall in tears.

After moving into her office at McKinley, Will stops by to essentially wish her luck and remind her that she’s going to be competing against him and Blaine at sectionals. Rachel then fades into a dramatic performance of Frozen’s hit song, “Let It Go.”

Episode 2: “Homecoming”

When episode 2 begins, we meet Jane, a new student at Dalton Academy who wants to join the Warblers. Blaine worries that it’ll mess with the brotherhood of the group, or something sexist like that, but ultimately realizes that it doesn’t matter what sex she is as long as she can sing. The Warblers allow her to perform before they decide on whether or not they’ll consider letting her in.

Kurt and Rachel have a rough start together when they can’t even sort sheet music together before getting into an argument. Kurt storms off and Rachel ends up following a singing voice that only she can seem to hear. Eventually, she loses the voice.

Later, Rachel tells Kurt about the voice she heard before telling him that she called in reinforcements for the glee club’s recruitment initiative. Puck, Quinn, Santana, Tina, Brittany, Artie, and Mercedes have all returned!

Kurt and Rachel tell them all how important it is that they recruit new members before the group breaks out into a performance of “Take On Me.” The song ends with a less-than-enthusiastic response from students.

We then meet senior student, Roderick, who is isolated because he’s a “fat” exchange student from Chicago who no one has bothered to get to know. Rachel catches him looking at the glee club sign-up sheet and ambushes him with information about the audition, eventually scaring him away.

Kurt tries to recruit Spencer to join the glee club, but Spencer drops a truth bomb, telling him that he hates Lady Gaga and doesn’t want to join because it sucks.

Jane, after a little help and guidance from Rachel, performs for the Warblers. Her performance is enthusiastically received from the members but Blaine later tells her that they decided not to allow her to join. He tells her that it isn’t right and that he plans to tell the board of directors that he will quite if they don’t overturn the decision.

Puck, Quinn, Sam, Mercedes, and Tina drop in on the Tea Party Patriot Club to try and recruit new members. After their leader bashes basically every minority in existence, Mercedes gives him a dose of truth serum and says, “We don’t need you ignorant, backwards, lily white, gay hating, Obama bashing, clubbers anyway!” The group storms as Sam tells the club that Quinn once had sex with a lesbian latina (Santana) – a fact which he learned in glee club.

Brittany, Quinn, and Santana (the Unholy Trinity is back) take to the football field for a performance of “Problem.” After the song is over, Kitty emerges and reveals that she wasn’t one of the students Sue forced to transfer because she’s a star and Sue knows it. She tells Artie that she has no interest in rejoining the club because of the way he treated her after he left for NYC. Twins, Madison and Mason, ask, in unison, if two people can try out together.

Later on, the entire group hears the voice Rachel heard earlier and spreads out to find it. Eventually, they converge on the library where they find Roderick singing to the music only he can hear on his headphones. After he begs them not to beat him up, they convince him to try out for the glee club.

Sue, desperate to be rid of the glee club once again, tries to bribe Spencer with a custom Tom Hardy fleshlight. But, Spencer turns it down telling Sue that he’s not for sale and that she needs to offer something more than a sex toy.

During Roderick’s audition, he sings “Mustang Sally” and is joined by Quinn, Santana, and Brittany as his back up singers. After his un-be-lieve-able performance, Rachel tells him that he is in the club.

Before the first glee club meeting, Rachel tells Roderick and Kurt that they have new member – Jane. Blaine storms into the auditorium and tells Rachel that their “friendly competition” thing is now over because, as he sees it, Rachel poached Jane. He also accuses Kurt of being behind the whole thing.

During the first meeting, Santana walks in with twins, Madison and Mason, two Cheerios interested in joining the club. Rachel tells them that they have to audition, but it’s pretty obvious that they’re already in.

The episode ends with a rousing performance of “Home” during the school’s homecoming pep rally. Kurt sees Karofsky and Blaine cuddling off on the side and is obviously upset. The new members of the glee club join the old members around the bonfire as the song comes to an end and the sky is lit up with fireworks.

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