PBS Kids’ Show “Arthur” To Parody “Downton Abbey” On Upcoming Episode

PBS Kids' Show "Arthur" To Parody "Downton Abbey" On Upcoming Episode
"Downton Abbey" is set to be parodied on an upcoming episode of the PBS Kids' show, "Arthur."

On an upcoming episode of PBS Kids’ show, Arthur, the famous aardvark and his friends will be taking a trip back in time when the series parodies popular period drama, Downton Abbey.

In the episode, titled “Fountain Abbey,” set to air on January 26 on PBS Kids, Arthur’s friend, Muffy Crosswire, learns that her ancestor, Mary Alice, began her life downstairs as “the help.”

In case you don’t know, Muffy is the spoiled princess of the show who lives in a mansion, has a butler, and gets driven around in a limo that does wheelies. To find out that she’s not bred from royalty is likely a devastating blow to her ego.

When she finds Mary Alice’s diary, she goes back in time to Fountain Abbey to find out what really happened and, in true Arthur fashion, the characters from the diary will be portrayed by Muffy’s eclectic circle of friends.

Arthur‘s official Facebook page released this promotional image that sees D.W., Arthur’s younger sister, as Countess D.W. Bantam, shooing away Mary Alice after the servant spills soup on her exquisite dress. Any guesses as to who D.W. is parodying from Downton Abbey?

 PBS Kids' Show "Arthur" To Parody "Downton Abbey" On Upcoming Episode

NY Daily News also reports that, that same week, Arthur will present episodes parodying The Wizard of Oz and The Tell-Tale Heart.

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