Quiz: Which Popular TV Show Are You?

Quiz: Which Popular TV Show Are You?
Take this RecentlyHeard.com quiz to find out, once and for all, which TV show you actually are!

I usually think, whenever I hunker down for a modest 12 hours of TV binging, Wow, I’m just like that character! This show should be called The Jordan Project! I’ll often wonder, if I could be transplanted into a character’s life, could I make it work better than they could? Because I’d obviously tell that guy that I love him before his ex-girlfriend shows up pregnant with his child. I’d also make sure to steer clear of all things whenever ominous music starts playing around me. Clearly, there’s a serial killer in our midst. TV characters watch movies too, right?

If you’ve ever struggled, and I mean really, really faced an internal battle, with which popular TV show most defines you, then this absolutely scientific and definitive quiz, “Which Popular TV Show Are You?” is just what the doctor ordered!

Which TV show did you get? Share your results in the comments below!

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