Stephen Amell Talks About Being A Guest In The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Audience (Video)

Stephen Amell Talks About Being A Guest In The "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Audience (Video)
"Arrow" star, Stephen Amell, was a guest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and told the host about how he got his first American acting job.

Arrow star, Stephen Amell, recently appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live and spoke with the host about the connection between Kimmel’s show and his first American acting job.

Watch the full clip below:

As it turns out, Amell was in the audience of Jimmy Kimmel Live when he got the call from his agent that he’d landed a role on CSI: Miami. “I got my first American job sitting in that audience,” Amell said. “I ended up as the killer on an episode of CSI: Miami. I had a gun pointed at Caruso and all this cool stuff. And then, I run away and get hit by a buss. But, the point is, I got the job, I got the call, sitting in your audience.”

Arrow season 3, episode 10 “Left Behind” will air tonight, Wednesday, January 21 at 8PM EST on The CW!

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