Colton Haynes Compares “Teen Wolf” To “Arrow”: “fans respond to the complexity of the characters”

Colton Haynes Compares "Teen Wolf" To "Arrow": "fans respond to the complexity of the characters"
"Arrow" star, Colton Haynes, recently dished on the similarities between his current show and MTV's "Teen Wolf."

Colton Haynes, the hunky former star of MTV’s Teen Wolf and the current sidekick to Arrow‘s Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), recently dished up some interesting thoughts on the similarities between both shows.

Zap2it asked the actor if his “experience on another genre show” like Teen Wolf helped him when he landed the role of Roy on Arrow. “Yes, we called [Teen Wolf] the little engine that could. It launched without a lot of fanfare and then it was a really big hit and is still a fan favorite,” Haynes said. “I think the fans respond to the complexity of the characters, like on ‘Arrow.’ They can identify with these dark characters that have these surprising hidden truths. It’s just really touching, because there’s every type of character to want to be if you’re a fan.”

Haynes’ character on Teen Wolf – the shallow and arrogant high school jock – is a far cry from his role on Arrow, where he plays Roy Harper aka Arsenal, the courageous and complex vigilante sidekick who has dedicated his life to protected the people of Starling City.

You can next see Haynes on Arrow season 3, episode 19 “Broken Arrow” when it airs on Wednesday, April 15 at 8PM EST on The CW.

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