“Once Upon A Time” Casts Maleficent’s Grown-Up Daughter

"Once Upon A Time" Casts Maleficent's Grown-Up Daughter
Once Upon a Time has cast Agnes Bruckner as Maleficent's grown-up daughter, Lily!

Agnes Bruckner has joined the cast of Once Upon a Time as Maleficent’s grown-up daughter, Lily.

As a young teenager, Emma crossed paths with Lily, unaware of who the girl truly was or to whom she was related. The two became fast friends for a day or two but were separated when Lily’s adoptive father showed up and took her home.

What will Lily’s reappearance mean for Emma? As we know, the girl is basically made up of pure darkness (thanks to Snow and Charming), but the girl that Emma knew as a kid was hardly ready to pluck the hearts of innocent bystanders. Then again, living in a world without magic could mean that the darkness inside of her remains dormant.

I’m clearly grasping at straws. Bare with me.

Let’s not forget that Maleficent only just found out that the child she thought she lost so long ago is, in fact, alive and somewhere in the world. When mother and daughter are reunited in Storybrooke, the place where magic thrives, who knows what will happen!

Bruckner’s past credits include roles on Private Practice, Hawaii 5-0, Covert Affairs, and more!

Once Upon a Time season 4, episode 19 “Heart of Gold” airs Sunday, April 12 at 8PM EST on ABC!

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