First “Teen Wolf” Season 5 Trailer Is Here: Lydia Warns, “They’re Coming For All Of Us”

First "Teen Wolf" Season 5 Trailer Is Here: Lydia Warns, "They're Coming For All Of Us"
The first chilling trailer for season five of MTV's "Teen Wolf" has arrived! Watch it here.

Teen Wolf never fails to get my heart rate going and the first trailer for season 5 is absolutely no exception.

The new trailer, released just today, promises non-stop action, tons of supernatural conflict, and lots more Lydia. Watch it below:

Perhaps the most interesting part of the trailer is when Deaton posits a particularly chilling theory. “I’m starting to wonder if the rules to our supernatural world aren’t as rigid as I once thought,” He says. “Or maybe someone is trying to change those rules.”

Throughout the trailer, we also see a lot of Lydia, which makes me wonder if the new season is going to focus more on her than ever before. As the trailer comes an end, a breathless Lydia (I’m assuming it’s her, but it may very well be someone else) delivers a spine-tingling message: “They’re coming… they’re coming for all of us.”

I just pooped a little.

Teen Wolf season 5 premieres Monday, June 29 at 10PM EST on MTV!

Will you be tuning in for the season 5 premiere of “Teen Wolf”?

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