Taylor Swift Took A Nasty Fall On The Set Of Her “Bad Blood” Music Video

Taylor Swift Took A Nasty Fall On The Set Of Her "Bad Blood" Music Video
Watch a video of Taylor Swift taking a particularly harsh hit to the ground during the shooting of her "Bad Blood" music video!

Taylor Swift‘s latest music video for her new single, “Bad Blood,” was released during Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards. Swift then released a video on her Instagram of a particularly nasty fall she took while shooting the video. Let’s hope her career comes with a large amount of danger pay.

The music video, which features a huge cluster of her famous female friends, sees Swift transform herself into a deadly assassin. During one particular moment of the video, the pop star has to come crashing through a cement wall looking all angry and stuff. In the Instagram video, however, we get to see one take, before she got it right, in which she comes running through the wall (which looks to be made of styrofoam) and takes a hard fall to the ground. But, just like the professional that she is, she rolled over and started laughing at herself.

Watch the full behind-the-scenes shot below:

Could she be any more adorable? Taylor Swift for all the things!

If you haven’t seen the music video for “Bad Blood” yet, make sure to check it out now!

What do you think of Taylor Swift’s music video for “Bad Blood”? Did you like it?

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