Broadway Casts Of “The Lion King” And “Aladdin” Start Impromptu Sing-Off At LaGuardia Airport

Broadway Casts Of "The Lion King" And "Aladdin" Start Impromptu Sing-Off At LaGuardia Airport
What do you do when you're two groups of talented musical theatre performers stranded at an airport? Uh, you hold a bitchin' sing-off, of course.

The Broadway casts of The Lion King and Aladdin found themselves stranded at LaGuardia Airport on Sunday after a New England storm grounded several flights.

So, what are two talented groups of people to do when boredom sets in? Uh, hold a huge sing-off, of course.

Starting things off was the cast of The Lion King who sang “The Circle of Life.” Following their impeccable performance, Aladdin‘s James Iglehart performed a freestyle rap about how the cast of The Lion King has far more experience with impromptu performances.

Despite the other cast’s experience, Aladdin‘s cast broke out in song and performed “Arabian Nights.”

Watch the whole sing-off go down, right here:

Does this make any other musical lover feel like they just watched an improvised episode of Glee? This is basically the dream for anyone who has ever wished that the people in the grocery store would join them in a perfectly choreographed, albeit completely random, song and dance number.

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