Mindy Kaling Saves George Stephanopoulos After Awkward “Inside Out” Interview Comment

Mindy Kaling Saves George Stephanopoulos After Awkward "Inside Out" Interview Comment
During an interview on "Good Morning America," Mindy Kaling saves George Stephanopoulos after a very awkward comment about her new movie, "Inside Out."

Mindy Kaling to the rescue!

The Mindy Project star was on Good Morning America to promote her new movie, Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out, in which she voices the emotion Disgust. During the interview, George Stephanopolous made a comment about the film that was poorly worded, but hilarious nonetheless.

“It really does make you feel like you’re inside this 11-year-old girl,” Stephanopolous said.

Kaling was quick on her feet, however, and added, “In a profoundly wholesome way.”

Watch the short clip below:

Check out the video below to see Kaling’s full interview:

ABC US News | World News

The Mindy Project, which was recently cancelled by Fox, has found new life with Hulu and will return for a fourth season this fall. For Canadians, who don’t have access to the streaming service, CityTV has made it clear that new episodes will continue to air on their channel.

It was also recently revealed that Kaling has partnered with Umami Burger to create her own one-of-a-kind creation for the popular food establishment.

Inside Out is currently in theatres and has already grossed $175 million.

Have you seen “Inside Out”? What did you think of the animated film?

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