Taylor Swift Writes About “Shocking, Disappointing” Apple Music Free Trial In Open Letter

Taylor Swift Writes About "Shocking, Disappointing" Apple Music Free Trial In Open Letter
Taylor Swift has made it very clear that she is not happy with Apple Music's new free trial for their music streaming service.

Taylor Swift is not impressed with Apple Music and she’s taken to the internet to express her frustration.

In a letter, posted to the her personal Tumblr account, Swift blasts the company for “launching a three month free trial of its music streaming service on June 30 that fails to pay the artists whose music is being used.”

“I write this to explain why I’ll be holding back my album, 1989, from the new streaming service, Apple Music,” Swift writes in the letter, titled ‘To Apple, Love Taylor.’ “I feel this deserves an explanation because Apple has been and will continue to be one of my best partners in selling music and creating ways for me to connect with my fans. I respect the company and the truly ingenious minds that have created a legacy based on innovation and pushing the right boundaries.”

Swift’s main concern is the fact that, for those three months in which users can stream music for free, Apple won’t be paying the artists who created it.

Read the rest of Swift’s letter on page 2:


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