Someone Thought Up An Alternate “Friends” Ending And It’s More Than A Little Depressing

Someone Thought Up An Alternate "Friends" Ending And It's More Than A Little Depressing
This is not how you want to remember the end of "Friends" - believe me.

Friends ended 11 years ago and people are still frothing at the mouth when it comes to the fictional lives of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross. So much so that one fan of the show has thought up an alternate ending to the show’s ten seasons – an ending that is much darker than what actually happened.

Twitter user, @strnks, put together this idea that placed Phoebe at the centre of everything that occurred over the show’s ten years:

Perhaps what’s so incredibly depressing about this idea is that it seems like something that could easily fit in to an otherwise happy ending. To imagine the six friends walking out of Monica and Chandler’s apartment one last time, two new babies along for the ride, only to have the image fade to a “reality” in which the entire show’s history was made up in the mind of a meth-addicted Phoebe, is beyond eerie.

I’m going to go and scrub my brain with bleach because while this would be an interesting ending to the best TV show ever, I don’t want anything to taint the image I have in my head of the six friends meeting up each week at Central Perk, kids and significant others in tow, for a cup of coffee.

What do you think of this alternate Friends ending?

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