Kit Harington’s Jon Snow Spotted On “Game Of Thrones” Set! Is He Alive?

Kit Harington's Jon Snow Spotted On "Game Of Thrones" Set! Is He Alive?
Kit Harrington has been spotted on the Game of Thrones set in Ireland! Is Jon Snow alive?!

Think heavily about whether or not you want to read on, just in case you’ve yet to see the finale of Game of Thrones season 5!

If you’re in-the-know with regards to what happened to Kit Harington‘s character, Jon Snow (the guy who apparently knows nothing), then you’re aware of the fact that he was seemingly killed at the end of season 5.

While many have speculated that Harington will return, and Harington and the show’s producers refuse to outright acknowledge whether or not he’ll be back, it seems as if Jon Snow isn’t quite done with Game of Thrones just yet.

A while back, reports surfaced that Harington had been spotted Belfast, Ireland where much of the HBO show’s filming takes place. This further added fuel to the fire that the hunkiest stark might still be alive.

Well, now, get a load of this. DailyMail has tweeted a photo of Harington on the Game of Thrones:

The photo shows Jon Snow back in his Stark clothing – a welcomed change from his Night’s Watch costume.

His appearance on set doesn’t mean that Jon Snow is alive, because for all we know, he could just be appearing in flashbacks as the show delves into his origin story.

But, if Jon Snow is alive, how is this going to shake up what’s going on in Westeros? It already feels like things are about to hit a climax as the show heads into its sixth season. Will Arya and Sansa’s brother return from the dead and present an even greater threat to the rival families who seek control of the Iron Throne?

Do you think Jon Snow is still alive on Game of Thrones?

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