Disney Fans Are Going To Love This New Streaming News

Disney Fans Are Going To Love This New Streaming News
Love Disney? Love streaming? Well, the stars have aligned in your favour!

Netflix and Hulu better watch their backs, because a new streaming giant is coming to town.

Disney has announced that it’s launching a digital subscription service in the UK, starting next month. The streaming service, named DisneyLife, will allow Disney fans, both new and old, to enjoy everything from Snow White to Frozen, with a bunch of Disney Channel shows thrown in for good measure. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy some books and music as well.

Unfortunately, the service won’t include any Star Wars or Marvel films, both of which are owned by Disney. So, for now, no Captain America or Black Widow to binge-watch alongside Cinderella.

Starting next year, Disney will expand the service throughout Europe, but has no plans to bring the service to North America because of contracts that are currently in place with cable and satellite companies that show its content. Thankfully, however, Disney’s CEO has said that the mega-company hasn’t ruled out the idea completely.

Living in the UK and want all the Disney you can handle? The service will cost you £9.99 a month.

Are you excited about Disney’s announcement? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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