This Is The Perfect Gift For “The Mindy Project”-Obsessed Person In Your Life

This Is The Perfect Gift For "The Mindy Project"-Obsessed Person In Your Life
Don't know what to get for that person in your life who can't stop talking about "The Mindy Project"? Check this out! You're welcome.

The Mindy Project is a brilliant show with some of the smartest and quickest one-liners on television. Despite its cancellation by Fox after its three-season run on the network, the show was picked up by Hulu for an extended fourth season.

So, if you’re busy looking for the perfect gift for that one person in your life who can’t stop quoting Mindy Lahiri (and believe me, she has a lot of great quotes), then you don’t even have to thank me for finding the perfect solution to your problem.

LZpencils is a California-based business that hand-engraves colourful pencils with some of the most memorable lines from your favourite TV shows. After Mindy Kaling herself posted a photo of the pencils, her fans went nuts.

Thank you @lzpencils for the gift of some of my favorite #themindyproject lines on these colorful pencils. ❤️

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The pencils are engraved with quotes like “I’m allergic to all metal that isn’t gold,” “Love me in a way that I can show on Instagram,” and, of course, “My warrior name is Beyonce Pad Thai.”

This Is The Perfect Gift For "The Mindy Project"-Obsessed Person In Your Life

Currently, the sell for $27.35CAD, which is obviously a bit steep and likely more than most people would want to spend on a set of 9 pencils. But, the novelty and the smile on your Mindy-obsessed family member/friend is sure to make up for the gaping hole in your wallet.

What do you think of these Mindy Project pencils? Share your thoughts below!


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