Justin Bieber Calls Britney Spears “Bae” + A “Legend,” Says Jennifer Lawrence Is “Sexy”

Justin Bieber Calls Britney Spears "Bae" + A "Legend," Says Jennifer Lawrence Is "Sexy"
At least Justin Bieber knows what's what when he talks about Britney Spears and Jennifer Lawrence!

Normally, out of principle, I try to avoid writing about Justin Bieber. He, like the Kardashian/Jenner brood, is one of those people that I feel the internet is absolutely oversaturated with. The kid can’t wipe his ass without the whole world knowing about it – and I don’t doubt that there are some “Beliebers” out there who would like to know if Justin uses two or three-ply on his rich tooshie.

But, in light of recent developments, I’ve chosen to break my own Cardinal Rule and write this one article on the Biebs because it also includes Britney Spears aka The Holy Spearit aka Queen B aka Godney and Jennifer Lawrence.

On Wednesday, November 18, Justin appeared on Capital FM and participated in a segment called “2 Bae or Not 2 Bae.” Catchy, right? During the game he was asked if he’d bae Britney Spears, to which he responded, “Yeah I’d bae, she’s a legend!”

Justin also said he’d bae Jennifer Lawrence because “she’s SO sexy.” Uh, you’re right about that, Bieber.

Would you bae Britney Spears and Jennifer Lawrence? Share your thoughts below!

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