Adele Says Britney Spears “Is The Queen” During New NPR Interview

Adele Says Britney Spears "Is The Queen" During New NPR Interview
Adele lends heaps of praise to fellow queen, Britney Spears.

Two queens to rule the world.

During her massive tour to promote her new album, 25, Adele stopped by NPR and discussed emotional fans, her son, and Britney Spears.

For those who’ve only just peeked their head out from the under the rock they’ve been living under for the past week or two, Adele’s 25 is breaking records left, right, and centre (and it’s only been out for five days!)

So far, she’s broken the single-week U.S. album sales record, which was previously held by *NSYNC and their album, No Strings Attached, which sold 2,416,000 copies in its first week. Adele has already sold 2,433,000 million copies of 25.

Keep in mind that Adele literally smashed that record in only three days.

The “Hello” singer has also dethroned Britney’s Oops! record for most albums sold in one week by a solo female artist.

The audio of the interview was edited and, sadly, doesn’t include Adele’s Britney shout-out. But, take a listen anyway, because it’s Goddess Adele:

Here’s a transcript of the conversation in which Adele praised Britney and all was right in the world:

Listeners have such a personal connection to your songs — I imagine they must want to not just take selfies with you, but, like, cry with you. How do you handle the intensity of all that emotion, especially from total strangers?

I take it as a huge compliment, really. You know, I listen to music as a fan, for the outlet of my emotions and stuff like that. So the fact that people seem to be listening to my music for the same thing, or react to it in the same way I do with certain artists and bands, it’s really wonderful, and that’s why I like to put my music out there. Obviously, I hope that I bring joy to people’s lives, not just sadness. And I find that most people feel quite relaxed around me. I’ve met a couple that, have been a bit hysterical — like, uncontrollable shaking and stuff like that. But I’m like, “C’mon. Stop it. It’s just me. I’m not Britney. What’re you doing?”

You’ve outsold Britney, though! I hate to break it to you.
Britney is the queen.

I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to hear you say that.
I love her. So yeah, sometimes it is a bit intense. But I usually crack a joke, and then it breaks the ice.

You’ve probably already bought it, but just in case, you can get 25 on iTunes now!

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