Jennifer Lawrence Discusses Her “Hunger Games” House Parties And You’ll Be Insanely Jealous

Jennifer Lawrence Discusses Her "Hunger Games" House Parties
Who wouldn't want to party with Jennifer Lawrence?

As if I didn’t envy Jennifer Lawrence‘s life enough already, she has to come out and talk about the epic parties that she and her fellow stars of The Hunger Games used to throw.

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In this short video with Entertainment Weekly, Jennifer says that her Hunger Games family “had the greatest house parties.” She elaborates by saying that “Woody [Harrelson] chased me with a sweaty sock and we flipped over a couch and one time Josh [Hutcherson] and Liam [Hemsworth] started playing tug of war with their mouths with one of my shirts and it just went on for like ten minutes and it was so intense.”

Watch the full video below:

Never, ever change Jennifer. You’re perfect and we all need something to aspire to.

[Photo via EW]

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