This Mini “Lizzie McGuire” Reunion Is Perfect If You’re Running Low On Nostalgia

There Was Another "Lizzie McGuire" Reunion And The Photo Says It All
Two of the stars of "Lizzie McGuire" reunited and the Instagram photo says it all.

Did you ever think when you were watching a brand new episode of Lizzie McGuire back in the early 2000’s that one day, two of the shows stars would reunite to watch an episode of the Disney Channel show that shot Hilary Duff to the top of Hollywood teen royalty? Me either. That would be a completely irrational way of thinking.

As evidenced by the new Instagram share, Ethan Craft and Matt McGuire, played by Clayton Snyder and Jake Thomas respectively, got together recently to watch a Christmas episode of Lizzie McGuire.

Check out the photo of Lizzie’s middle school crush and irritating little brother:

In the episode, titled “Xtreme Xmas,” Lizzie forgets what Christmas is really all about but, thanks to a few friendly reminders, eventually comes to embrace the true meaning of the season.

Low on nostalgia and looking to restock? Watch the full episode of Lizzie McGuire “Xtreme Xmas” below:

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