This Is How Netflix’s “Fuller House” Is Going To Explain Michelle’s Absence

This Is How Netflix's "Fuller House" Is Going To Explain Michelle's Absence
This is how Netflix plans to explain Michelle Tanner's absence from "Fuller House."

Fuller House, the Full House sequel series, is almost upon us and while most of the show’s original cast, like John Stamos and Candace Cameron Bure, are enthusiastically returning to the roles that made them household names, Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, who jointly portrayed Michelle Tanner, will not be back.

Us true Full House fans, or “Full Housers” as I’ve decided to refer to us for this one article, are obviously heartbroken that everyone’s favourite munchkin won’t be returning. Of course, having a multi-billion dollar empire to run probably eats up a lot of the Olsen Twins’ time.

So, the Netflix original series has come up with a plot point to explain the youngest Tanner’s absence. Us Weekly is reporting that the show plans to tell viewers that Michelle is off in New York City “creating her fashion empire.”

Brilliant or cheesy? You decide.

It seems like the show is trying to poke fun at the fact that Mary-Kate and Ashley won’t be returning by referencing their current occupation as business moguls. But, I’ve always said that they’re the only two from Full House who don’t actually need this series for their careers, money, or what have you. I think they’re pretty much set.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that they’d rather not return to the character they last played when they were 9 and instead focus on their fruitful careers as powerful businesswomen.

Fuller House will debut on Netflix in 2016.

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