Are Monica And Chandler From “Friends” Dating In Real Life?

Are Monica And Chandler From "Friends" Dating In Real Life?
The latest rumour to come from Hollywood is that "Friends" co-stars, Matthew Perry and Courtney Cox, are now dating! Could this be true?

Could Friends‘ Monica Geller and Chandler Bing – aka Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry – have taken their on-screen romance and brought it forth to the real world? Anything is possible in Hollywood!

The latest rumour swimming around the Internet is that Cox and Perry have recently begun dating. About two weeks ago, the two friends were spotted together at a restaurant together, with Perry fondly gazing at Cox, much like Chandler had once on an episode of Friends.

If that weren’t enough, recent developments, as reported by one insider, say that “It’s no surprise that Matthew was one of the first people Courteney called when she ended the engagement. They’ve leaned on each other before, during her infertility struggle and his battle with addiction.” The anonymous insider continued by saying, “Matthew invited her over to talk one night, and they ended up hooking up!”

But, don’t count on this relationship moving too quickly because, as the insider reveals, “There isn’t any pressure to put a label on it yet, but they’re excited to see where this might go.”

Give me a moment while I compose myself. If this is true, then holy cow I’ll never be able to watch Friends the same again. If it isn’t true, then Hollywood has spun out another huge lie and I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

Are Monica And Chandler From "Friends" Dating In Real Life?

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