An Irritated Kylie Jenner Shares A Video Of Paparazzi Stalking Her In The Mall

An Irritated Kylie Jenner Shares A Video Of Paparazzi Stalking Her In The Mall
An annoyed Kylie Jenner took to Snapchat to share a video of some paparazzi who were stalking her on private mall property. Watch the video here!

On the one hand, I feel really bad for Kylie Jenner and the fact that she’s subjected to a lifetime of no privacy. On the other hand, however, she’s rich and famous and I’m not…

The youngest Jenner girl recently shared a Snapchat of paparazzi following her inside a mall. Normally, paparazzi are sequestered to public areas and are promptly escorted off private property and out of stores my security, staff, etc. I’m just wondering what schlub allowed three men with giant cameras inside without a fuss?

In the video, since shared on Instagram via a Kylie Jenner fan page, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star can be heard saying, “Why the fuck are you in the mall? You have gone to a whole ‘nother level of me just not fucking with you at all.”

Considering Kylie’s Snapchat is filled with photos and videos of her walking through throngs of paparazzi, almost on a daily basis, it’s hard to really believe that she hates the attention as much as she seems to claim in this new video. But, I suppose people are allowed to change their mind when it comes to certain aspects of their life.

Sing it loud, girlfriend. Tell the paparazzi who’s the boss! It sure has hell isn’t Tony Danza, that’s for sure.

[Photo via Kylie Jenner/Instagram]


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