Which “The Legend Of Korra” Pairing Is The Ultimate Ship? Vote Now!

Which "The Legend Of Korra" Pairing Is The Ultimate Ship? Vote Now!
Which couple pairing from Nickelodeon's "The Legend of Korra" is the most popular? Cast your vote now to help determine the one true winner!

Perhaps the most pervasive and controversial question of our time is this: Makorra or Korrasami? While there’s certainly no shortage of debate when it comes to The Legend of Korra, fans of the Nickelodeon series are fierce when it comes to debating the validity of their favourite ships.

Of course, Makorra (Mako + Korra) and Korrasami (Korra + Asami) are the most famous and, perhaps, the most hautly debated pairings, they definitely are not the only pairings worth discussing. Throughout its four season run, the Avatar: The last Airbender sequel series presented us with many worthwhile pairings – enough to suit all fans.

I am partial to Bopal, while other fans may ship Beska. Some people prefer to fantasize about Makorra, while others choose to live in the real world with Korrasami. So, let’s put the neverending debates to rest and find out, once and for all, which ship from The Legend of Korra is the most popular. Which pairing will reign supreme? Up vote your most favourites and down vote your least favourites!

Edit: Since this post was published, a few of our readers have offered suggestions for other ships that weren’t previously included. The widget has been updated to reflect the pairings of Korra and Kuvira and Kya and Lin.

We’re celebrating The Legend of Korra‘s finale one year anniversary this week with tons of fun content! Get in on the action and check it all out.

Which The Legend of Korra ship is your favourite? Leave a comment below!


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  • Anime hunter

    What about adding Kya and Lin (Kyalin) to the list, not only would they be good together but, Bryke did confirm Kya was an LGBT character.

    • http://www.recentlyheard.com Jordan D’Amico

      Great suggestion! I’ve added Kyalin to the list, along with Korvira! Thank you! 🙂

      • Anime hunter

        AWESOME, thanks. and I’m really hoping Kya plays a big part in the Legend of Korra comic next year “can’t wait”. Because I think she would be the ideal person for Korra & Asami to go to for advice on their relationship and what they should expect. Oh and I’m really hoping that her Partner turns out to be Lin, fingers and toes crossed on standby.

        • recentlyheard


  • ArtisticFangirl13


  • Unknown

    In my opinion people are only shipping on freaking whats “different” or what became canon (just following in the crowd) no disrespect tho but their not shipping on actual relationship or who actually had moments or had development in general should be about the true development. My opinion tho. hope I don’t offend anybody don’t mean to. Just my opinion here….