Quiz: What Kind Of “The Legend Of Korra” Bender Are You Based On Your Favourite Food?

Quiz: What Kind Of "The Legend Of Korra" Bender Are You Based On Your Favourite Food?

To continue our celebration week, marking the one year anniversary of the finale of Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra, take this quiz to find out what kind of bender you are based on your favourite food!

Are you an airbender like Jinora and Tenzin? Maybe you’re an earthbender like Bolin and the Beifong family? Perhaps you’re a waterbender like Desna, Eska, and Tonraq? Or could you be a firebender like Mako and P’Li? Only this insanely accurate and scientifically sound quiz will tell you for sure.

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And, if you’re lucky, you may stumble upon our secret fifth result. What is it? Take the quiz and see if you get it!

Make sure to share your results in the comments below!

What kind of bender are you? Share your results below!

December 19, 2014 is when the Avatar: The Last Airbender spin off series came to a dramatic and satisfying end. We’re taking a whole week to celebrate and revisit this one-of-a-kind TV show with fun, new content. Make sure to check it out!


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