Quiz: Would You Be A Metalbender Or A Lavabender On “The Legend of Korra”?

Quiz: Would You Be A Metalbender Or A Lavabender On "The Legend of Korra"?
Take our quiz to find out if you're an earthbender meant to bend metal or lava on Nickelodeon's "The Legend of Korra"!

Toph Beifong was the earthbender who, during The Legend of Korra‘s predecessor series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, invented metalbending, thanks largely in part to her sensitivity to the earth and her seismic sense. Metalbending involves locating the small impurities within the metal and bending them in a way so as to manipulate the substance as a whole.

Lavabending, however, was only formally introduced to Avatar and The Legend of Korra fans during Book 3: Change when Team Avatar came up against Ghazan, one of the members of the Red Lotus. Later on that season, Bolin, an earthbender unable to learn metalbending, revealed himself to be a budding lavabender.

There are many theories as to how an earthbender can acquire the ability to lavabend. Some fans believe that it’s a result of being born to both an earthbender and a firebender. Others think that it’s just a rare ability which can only be mastered by certain earthbenders.

While the origins of lavabending remain unknown, it has proven itself to be a very useful and destructive tool during a fight.

Have you given any thought to which earthbending sub-skill you’d possess if you had the chance? Well, wonder no more. This scientifically accurate quiz will tell you if you’re meant to be a metalbender or a lavabender.

Share your results in the comments below!

Share your results in the comments below!


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