Did You Ever Notice This Phoebe Mistake On The First “Friends” Episode?

Did You Ever Notice This Phoebe Mistake On The First "Friends" Episode?
The latest continuity error to be discovered and take the internet by storm involves Phoebe Buffay on "Friends." Find out what it is here!

Television (Friends included), despite its ability to entertain us when we’re bored, is riddled with continuity errors. As I previously pointed out in another post, Friends is no exception.

The most recent continuity error to take the internet by storm was discovered by Aine Maloney and was first reported on Her.ie. The episode? The very first one – “The Pilot” or “The One Where Monica Gets a New Roommate”. The scene takes place just after Paul the Wine Guy arrives to take Monica on their date. Rachel is still in her wedding dress and Phoebe, in typical Phoebe fashion, steals the scene by announcing to the group that she “just pulled out four eyelashes.”

The problem? At one point during this hilarious moment, the camera shifts to show Paul sitting on the couch, clearly taken aback by Monica’s ridiculous entourage. At the same time, we also see Phoebe seated in the arm chair near him, sipping coffee.

Either Phoebe Buffay is some sort of wizard or there was a serious mistake in the editing room because how was she in two places at once?

Fuck it. Friends is still the best show ever.


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