Troian Bellisario Already Knows Who “B” Is On “Pretty Little Liars”

Troian Bellisario Already Knows Who "B" Is On "Pretty Little Liars"
Troian Bellisario of "Pretty Little Liars" recently admitted that she knows the identity of the Freeform show's new "Big Bad."

Okay, Pretty Little Liars fans – are you ready for season 6B to start tomorrow, January 12?

The much-anticipated mid-season premiere of the Freeform series sees the Liars – Hanna, Emily, Spencer, Aria, and Alison – jump five years ahead, but still very much struggling and deeply-affected by what they were put through with “A.”

The new villain of the show, “B,” whose existence has been teased about in various trailers for the upcoming season, is already known to be more dangerous to the girls than “A” ever was. We already know that the new Big Bad is a he, but what we don’t know is his true identity. At this point, it could be anyone in Rosewood – maybe even one of the Liars themselves.

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While “B”‘s (sometimes also referred to as Uber A) identity remains shrouded in secrecy (thanks, Marlene King), one of the show’s stars has confirmed that she is already in on one of TV’s newest and biggest secrets. Troian Bellisario, who plays Spencer Hastings, spoke with Bustle and confirmed that she “may have been let in on some secrets.” Unfortunately for us, she’s “not allowed to talk.”

Troian does admit, however, that the show’s most pivotal plot points – perhaps the most imperative and tantalizing aspect of the entire series still to come – continue to remain a mystery to her. “As always, the very exciting moments are the details and how the stories are told, and for that, I am just as in the dark as everybody else is,” she said. She’s also quick to mention that even the writers themselves, the crafty devils that they are, don’t yet know how all of the storylines are going to connect. “I think they also have no idea at this point… they get back together at the end of this month. They’re gonna figure out Season 7. They don’t even know.”

Pretty Little Liars season 6B premieres Tuesday, January 12 at 8PM EST on Freeform.


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