This Is What It’s Like To Have 8 Million Instagram Followers

This Is What It's Like To Have 8 Million Instagram Followers
Ever wondered what it would be like to have millions of followers on Instagram? One popular social media user uploaded a video to show you the hard truth.

Let’s be honest – on a good day, I can maybe expect to get 30 or 40 notifications (follows or likes or comments) from my Instagram account (shout-out, follow me!). That’s with a comfortable 2.5K choosing to follow my photo-exploits. But, have any of us lowly Instagrammers ever really considered what it would be like to command an account with millions of followers?

Demy de Zeeuw is a Dutch soccer player whose soccer-related Instagram account boasts an impressive 8 million (and counting) followers. Recently, he uploaded a video of his phone, blowing up with notifications, to YouTube and I can honestly say that I never could have imagined such a fast, steady stream of updates.

Check out the video below to see what it’s like to be seriously popular on social media:

Then again, I do hope that he’d have the sense to turn off his notifications at some point. His phone should likely also come with some sort of PSA, like, “Warning, may cause seizures!” or something.

[Top Image via Demy de Zeeuw]


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