New “Sailor Moon Crystal” Character Designs Revealed: Uranus, Neptune, And Saturn

New "Sailor Moon Crystal" Character Designs Revealed: Uranus, Neptune, And Saturn
These new character designs for "Sailor Moon Crystal" also include our first look at Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Saturn!

Sailor Moon Crystal has come such a long way since its initial debut in the summer of 2014. Already two seasons in, the reboot series is gearing up for its third arc – when the Sailor Senshi will come face-to-face with the Death Busters.

The new season will see all 10 Sailor Senshi together at long last with the addition of Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Saturn.

This new piece of promotional artwork gives us our first glimpse at the show’s newcomers as well as a slightly altered design to the already-established set of characters:

New Character Designs Revealed For "Sailor Moon Crystal": Uranus, Neptune, And Saturn

If you’re wondering why Sailor Moon and the others look a bit different, it’s because Akira Takahashi has taken over as character designer, bringing back small touches of the characters’ original ’90s looks.

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  • Ryan

    No one has commented? Omg that is insane. Is this real?

  • Elizabeth

    I don’t like that the new designer is making them look more like the 90’s series! The whole point of Crystal was to be different than Classic! This is stupid!