This “The Legend Of Korra” Fan Art Of When Korra Met Naga Is Perfect

This "The Legend Of Korra" Fan Art Of When Korra Met Naga Is Perfect
If you consider yourself to be a fan of "The Legend of Korra" fan art, then you need to check out this piece depicting the time Korra met Naga.

There’s no mistaking the bond which exists between Avatar Korra and Naga on The Legend of Korra. Since episode 1, the strength of their relationship has been evident.

Despite Korra’s tumultuous life as the Avatar – the one person who can bend all four elements – Naga has stuck by her time and time again. In fact, everyone’s favourite polar bear dog has saved Korra’s life on numerous occasions.

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This incredible piece of fan art by DeviantArt user, Youpje, seriously hit me in the feels. Anyone who has a pet can likely relate to the sentiment behind it.

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