Mindy Kaling Talks “The Mindy Project” Season 4 Spoilers

Mindy Kaling Talks "The Mindy Project" Season 4 Spoilers

Addicts of The Mindy Project know that the waters are looking murky at best for Mindy and Danny, especially given how the show concluded the first half of season 4 back in December.

While the engaged couple find themselves at odds over things like raising their child and whether Mindy should go back to work, fans of the Hulu series are hoping that their recent troubles aren’t just a glimpse of what is still to come.

Mindy Kaling recently spoke with Glamour and dished on the future of the show and what viewers can expect with regards to Mindy and Danny’s relationship.

Kaling was asked about the “direction that you decided to take Mindy and Danny in the mid-season finale.. was there an inner struggle for you about where to take the story?” The show’s creator was quick to mention Hulu, the show’s saving grace, as a means to expand on certain elements with no restrictions. “When you’re on episode 67, 70, 75, what is the strife between two people who in many, many ways, do not belong together?” said Kaling. “What is it like when they have a kid? All my friends who are married and have kids, every single one of them—and this is not selling them out—have shown so many cracks in their relationships when that happens.”

Kaling also admitted “that the show will always be about Mindy and Danny,” adding that she thinks “of Danny as Mr. Big” from Sex and the City.

The Mindy Project returns with brand new episodes on Tuesday, April 12, only on Hulu.


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