Dev Patel Says He Would Not Do “The Last Airbender” Sequel If Asked

Dev Patel Says He Would Not Do "The Last Airbender" Sequel If Asked
"The Last Airbender" star, Dev Patel, recently revealed whether or not he'd participate in a sequel film if asked by M. Night Shyamalan.

So apparently fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender aren’t the only ones disappointed by M. Night Shyamalan‘s attempt at adapting the Nickelodeon series into a live-action film.

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In a recent interview to promote his new movie The Man Who Knew Infinity, Dev Patel, who played Prince Zuko in the The Last Airbender, was asked about whether or not Shyamalan had approached him about the sequel the director is apparently working on. “Oh really? [chuckles]I haven’t heard of it!” said Patel. “I don’t know.”

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Dev Patel Says He Would Not Do "The Last Airbender" Sequel If Asked
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When asked if he would take part in the film, Patel flat out refused, saying, “No,” with a laugh.

There you have it, folks. Even its stars don’t want to be associated with the failed film. Can you really blame them?


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  • Hasdi Bravo

    Great. We have to recast Zuko. I suppose we can always ask Zayn Malik.

    • AdrenalineRush1996

      Or just cancel the planned sequels and do a straightforward reboot that would be true to the source material.

      • Hasdi Bravo

        If Paramount wanted to finance a reboot, they would have do so already. It’s less risky and whitewash-prone to adapt more popular source material that allow them to cast more white characters, like TMNT, Transformers and Winx Club Fairies. Seen any ATLA/Korra on Nicktoons lately?

        • AdrenalineRush1996

          Well, you’re constanting bashing on people who didn’t like the film. There are no plans for a reboot because of what Nick did to Korra and Viacom is in a financial trouble but you need to realise that Shyamalan made a mistake at whitewashing characters for The Last Airbender.

          Plus on the Winx Club part, I don’t really think Paramount will ever do a live-action adaptation of the series.

          Why don’t you stop bashing on people who disliked the film by defending it? Do I even care if you like the film? No.