“The Legend Of Korra” Books 1 & 2 Are Now On Netflix Canada

"The Legend Of Korra" Books 1 & 2 Are Now On Netflix Canada
Calling all Canadian fans of "The Legend of Korra"! The Nickelodeon series is now available to stream on Netflix.

Attention fans of The Legend of Korra. Live in Canada? Love some bending action? The Nickelodeon series is now available on Netflix.

While I’m not entirely sure when the show was added to the online streaming service, Book 1: Air and Book 2: Spirits are now available for your viewing pleasure.

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In Book 1: Air, Korra is just shy of becoming a fully-realized Avatar, having mastered the elements of water, fire, and earth. Still unable to master air, Korra journeys to Republic City to learn from the only airbending master alive – Tenzin, the son of the previous Avatar, Aang.

When she arrives in the thriving metropolis, she quickly learns that the city isn’t what she had thought. Bending gangs run rampant and dark forces loom in the shadows, threatening the safety of everyone. Korra must use all her skill and all her courage to face the impending chaos. Thankfully, she won’t be entirely alone in this daunting challenge.

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In Book 2: Spirits, Korra faces a larger threat than anything she has previously encountered. The Northern Water Tribe invades its sister tribe in the south, prompting Team Avatar to take action against the onslaught and political upheaval. Tested as the Avatar, Korra must also deal with the sudden presence of spirits in the physical world and the reality of a Dark Avatar. With the fate of the world in her hands, can Korra possibly overcome the darkness that threatens to destroy the world?

With the weekend coming up, there’s never been a better opportunity to binge-watch the popular sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender. What are you waiting for?


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