What The “Gilmore Girls” Cast Has Been Up To Since The 2007 Finale

What The "Gilmore Girls" Cast Has Been Up To Since The 2007 Finale
We're so excited for Netflix's "Gilmore Girls" reboot! But, until it gets here, let's look back at what the show's stars have been up to since.

Gilmore Girls is returning in 2016 with a rebooted, 4-part series thank to Netflix. Each 90-minute episode will follow Rory and Lorelai for a single season of the year.

While we can’t wait to find out what the show’s two stars, Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, along with the rest of Stars Hollow, have in store for us later this year, we’re also eager to look back and find out what they’ve been doing since.

The Gilmore Girls cast: What have they been up to since the finale?

Which Gilmore Girls star are you most excited to see when the show returns? Comment below!


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