Amy Schumer gets candid about networking in Hollywood, calls it “disgusting”

Amy Schumer got candid with Howard Stern about what it's like socializing in Hollywood.

Amy Schumer gets candid about networking in Hollywood, calls it "disgusting"
Photo: Amy Schumer/Marie Claire via Instagram

Few celebrities in Hollywood who claimed to have remained down to Earth are able to convince us that they’ve actually done so. Most of the time, when someone gives an interview and goes on and on about how “real” they are or how “normal” they are, it’s hard to take them seriously. However, Amy Schumer is the exception. Maybe I’m naive, but when Amy talks, I believe.

The comedian recently sat down with Howard Stern for a candid interview and the pair got on the topic of networking in Hollywood.

“That is my worst nightmare… That’s disgusting. It’s just so fake. It’s people doing an impression of having a conversation.”

Oh, juicy.

Jennifer Lawrence‘s BFF continued, adding that she’s “not trying to make lots of celebrity friends.”

Howard brought up the Met Gala and asked Amy how she felt about attending. Amy responded:

“I left not the second I could, I left earlier than I should have been allowed… I got to meet Beyoncé and she was like ‘Is this is your first Met Gala?’ and I was like ‘It’s my last.'”

To hear more about Amy’s no holds barred opinions on socializing in Hollywood, listen below:


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