Britney Spears’ ‘Glory’ album has arrived and the Internet is losing it

Britney Spears is officially back with her ninth album, "Glory," and the Internet has no chill.

Britney Spears' 'Glory' album has arrived and the Internet is losing it

The undisputed Princess of Pop, the Holy Spearit, Breaker of Records, and Stealer of Hearts is back with her ninth studio album. Britney SpearsGlory has officially dropped. It’s been almost three years since her last album, Britney Jean, was released, so naturally, the world has been thirsty for new music.

Britney’s fans are some of the most loyal going, which means they’re losing their Godney minds. Twitter, especially, is lighting up with praise:

When you’re so happy you can’t help but rhyme your feelings.

Even Rolling Stones has her back.

Glory Day means it’s time to dance.

Someone just hold me.

No matter how you feel about Glory, there is no disputing that Britney. Has. Risen.


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