‘Rob & Chyna’ premiere recap: ruined gender reveal and cheating accusations

"Are you still texting bitches, yes or no?"

'Rob & Chyna' premiere recap: ruined gender reveal and cheating accusations
Photo: Tommy Garcia/E! Entertainment

It’s the moment Kardashian lovers and love-to-haters have all been waiting for. At 9 p.m. on E! this September 11, Rob & Chyna premiered. Moving from a side-story in Keeping Up With The Kardashians and into the spotlight, this show gives viewers an inside look at the relationship of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna.

Our first glimpse into the couple’s lives is in their confessional, as they discuss their first steps together. Kendall Jenner‘s sweet sixteen was where Rob and Chyna met, despite the fact that she was still in a relationship with Tyga at the time. Rob admitted to texting Chyna when he found out that she and Tyga broke up, but had no success for about a year.

Chyna then reveals that it was tough to be around the Kardashians once Kylie and Tyga started dating. “Once me and Tyga was breaking up, he started dating Kylie, and I kinda, like, distanced myself from the family,” she said. “It’s been a long process trying to get along with the Kardashians.”

The couple reveal that they had been trying to conceive “a few times every day” (we know what that means, amirite?).

Rob and Scott Disick discuss the baby’s gender, Rob saying that he does not yet know what it will be, but he hopes for a boy to “carry on the name”. Later, he and Chyna attend an appointment where they find out that they are expecting a baby girl, much to Rob’s disappointment. He then shares that he is just happy that the baby is healthy.

Soon, momager Kris Jenner stops by to congratulate the couple on the baby news, but Chyna is left irritated because it was supposed to be a surprise. “I guess that’s just the Kardashian family … talk, talk, talk, talk. talk. I am so annoyed Rob spilled the beans so fast,” Chyna says.

The drama starts when Rob tries to look through Chyna’s phone, only to find that her password is changed. He confronts her about the number of text messages she is receiving and tells her that he finds it odd that she changed her password. Chyna gets upset by the fact that he wants to look through her phone to begin with, but also that he is accusing her of cheating while visibly pregnant.

'Rob & Chyna' premiere recap: ruined gender reveal and cheating accusations

The next day Chyna tells her friend that she thinks Rob has a guilty conscience and that he is questioning her because he is cheating himself. She says that Rob has told her he is texting women, which she does not like. She speaks to Rob about what he said, and proceeds to yell and swear at him, asking “Are you still texting bitches, yes or no?” and calling him a “f–king liar”.

In an attempt to apologize, Rob visits Chyna with flowers, but she throws them in the pool and kicks him out. He is then seen in a car with Scott, where he shares the news about being kicked out again, saying it has happened “several times”. He decides not to speak with Chyna and goes MIA.

Chyna goes to see Kris, where she is confronted about the issue with Rob. After Chyna explains, Kris says that Rob may be suffering from a bit of depression and that he needs to get motivated. Chyna ends the conversation by asking Kris to speak to Rob for her.

At the end of the episode, Rob visits Kris and they discuss the status of the relationship. When asked if he will return to Chyna, Rob says, “I’m not super ready to see Chyna right now. Usually my priorities are all about her, that’s how I live my life. But sometimes I feel like I really need to focus on myself so I can be happy and healthy and really enjoy this baby. Honestly with me and Chyna, I don’t really know what’s gonna happen.”

Will Chyna and Rob make it through?