‘Rob & Chyna’ episode 2 recap: Rob ditches Chyna

"I just didn’t want you to see me and give you more reason to stop being attracted to me."

‘Rob & Chyna’ episode 2 recap: Rob ditches Chyna
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“I don’t want to go to Cannes anyways”

This week on Rob & Chyna we catch up with this offbeat, star-studded couple in the middle of a stalemate. Last time we saw Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, they were working out some issues about Rob’s jealous insecurities, despite him texting other women. At the beginning of this episode, Rob still has not been in contact with Chyna.

As any good friend does, Chyna throws a birthday party for her girl. She mentions that she invited Rob, but he did not end up coming. Seeming disappointed, she reflects on their argument and his insecurities. Rob discusses his issues with Scott Disick, who provides him with some much-needed counseling.

Later, Rob calls Chyna and apologizes for his absence at her friend’s birthday party. Chyna, curious about where they stand, asks the real reason why he didn’t go. This only highlights Rob’s insecurity as he responds, “It’s a combination of everything. I just didn’t want you to see me and give you more reason to stop being attracted to me.” Chyna tells us that it hurts her when he speaks about himself that way, and that she doesn’t have those thoughts about him.

‘Rob & Chyna’ episode 2 recap: Rob ditches Chyna

For the first time since the argument, Rob and Chyna come face to face. While at Chyna’s house, they watch the adorable King Cairo play, and Chyna asks Rob to move back in. Surprisingly, Rob declines and says that he wants to allow Chyna to have her own space. She later invites him to Cannes, which he accepts.

Scott visits Rob, trying to get him back into shape, and encourages him to work out with a personal trainer. In an effort to raise Rob’s spirits, Scott also takes him shopping to go to Cannes, which is a big wakeup call for Rob. Nothing fits, which sends him spiralling into sadness and insecurity. He tells Scott that he never even wanted to go to Cannes, but later tells us that he feels insecure about himself, especially at large events.

Chyna says that she has been trying to get in contact with Rob, but with no success. She tries calling again and this time he answers, only to tell her that he will not be going to Cannes with her. Chyna becomes frustrated with Rob for not answering her and flaking at the last minute. She goes to Cannes without him, where she gets a taste of insecurity over media coverage on her bum.

Once she returns, she has a new perspective on Rob’s insecurity and shares her experience with him. She notes that Rob still needs support and that she should give it to him. Rob, showing his commitment to Chyna and the baby, has built baby furniture which he surprises Chyna with. The two make up and seem happy.