Can you ace Ross’ famous ‘Friends’ quiz?

"So then play for some pepper. Stop spending my money!"

Can you ace Ross' famous 'Friends' quiz?
Photo: NBC via YouTube

If you’re a true Friends fan, you’re probably well aware of the now-famous quiz Ross puts together when Chandler and Joey and Monica and Rachel challenge each other to see who knows who best.

Of course, it’s Ross, and he has strong Geller blood, which means the quiz isn’t just interesting, it’s also divided into categories, like ‘Fears and Pet-Peeves,’ ‘Ancient History,’ and ‘It’s All Relative,’ – not to mention colour-coordinated.

Do you think you have what it takes to ace Ross’ quiz? If so, step on up and take the challenge. Only one question remains: Are you playing for Monica and Rachel’s apartment or for Chandler and Joey to get rid of the rooster and duck?

Now that you’re a Friends champion, watch the entire lightning-round scene here.

Just try not to scream like Rachel:


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