Mindy Kaling talks ‘The Mindy Project’ season 5 premiere

'The Mindy Project' season 5 premieres TODAY!

Mindy Kaling talks 'The Mindy Project' season 5 premiere
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As I’ve said before, the season 4 finale of The Mindy Project ended with Mindy caught between two men – Danny (Chris Messina) and Jody (Garrett Dillahunt).

While her relationship with Danny has technically ended, there’s still a lot of love and affection between the two. At the same time, Jody has proven himself to not be the sexist pig we all thought he was when he first made his debut. In fact, he’s kind of sweet and generous.

Naturally, every single fan of the Hulu show is dying to know which man Mindy chooses. Mindy Kaling, star and creator, recently chatted with Glamour about the premiere and offered up some interesting tidbits to keep fans interested.

Mindy Kaling talks 'The Mindy Project' season 5 premiere

When asked about how fast Mindy will make a decision between Danny and Jody, Mindy replied, “Oh, we’ll know by the end of the premiere. Both guys are in it.”

Glamour then asked Mindy about how she thinks fans will react after the premiere, to which Mindy said, “I think they will be surprised and feel really satisfied. In fact, our creative executive at Hulu just saw the premiere and was like, ‘Oh my God, I love the ending.’ It’s an ending I’m really proud of. I think people are going to like it.”

The Mindy Project season 5 premieres today on Hulu.



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