First ‘The Legend of Korra’ graphic novel gets a title and release date

The first 'The Legend of Korra' graphic novel will be called 'Turf Wars.'

First 'The Legend of Korra' graphic novel gets a title and release date

Nearly two years since Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra concluded after four seasons, Dark Horse has finally announced the title and release date for the first instalment to the three-part graphic novel series.

As Entertainment Weekly reported, the first graphic novel, created by the show’s co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino, along with artist Irene Koh, will be called Turf Wars. Bryan Konietzko, the show’s other co-creator, will only be providing feedback.

First 'The Legend of Korra' graphic novel gets a title and release date
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Turf Wars will start off right where The Legend of Korra left off, with newly-together Korra and Asami returning to Republic City from their trip to the Spirit World, only to find their home in complete chaos from the newly-arrived spirit portal, which has failed to bring any sort of balance or harmony. A “pompous developer” has plans to turn the spirit portal into an amusement park. The triads gangs, which Korra has faced previously, return to cause even more trouble.

“Korra has to figure out how to find a new balance in the city with all this stuff that’s gone on,” DiMartino told EW. “It’s gonna take place right after the finale, so it’s focusing on Korra and Asami’s relationship as a new threat emerges. It’s kind of like the aftermath dealing with the new portal in the city, and all the evacuees coming back to find their homes wiped out cause of the portal.”

Turf Wars will be released June, 2017.


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