‘The Mindy Project’ recap 5×02: Nurse’s Strike

It's doctors vs. nurses on this week's new episode of 'The Mindy Project.'

'The Mindy Project' recap 5x02: Nurse's Strike
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When The Mindy Project, season 5, episode 2 ‘Nurse’s Strike’ starts out, Mindy (Mindy Kaling) discovers Jody (Garrett Dillahunt) showing the apartment above her to potential buyers. After reminding him he bought it as a gift for her and Leo, Jody refutes her and says that he purchased it as a romantic gesture. Since there’s no romance, she doesn’t get the apartment. Not one to back down, Mindy decides to buy the apartment from him and sits down with her accountant who tells her she needs another $25,000 for the down payment.

At another doctor’s office, Mindy takes Leo for a checkup and is told her son has an ear infection. Very attractive Nurse Ben (Bryan Greenberg) tells her the medicated drops the doctor is perscribing only works if Leo sits still for a few minutes after receiving them. He offers to show Mindy a trick, but his boss, Leo’s doctor, patronizingly tells Ben that Mindy’s a doctor and can probably figure it out on her own.

Later on, Brendan DesLaurier (Mark Duplass) tells the doctors of Shulman & Associates that his midwife practice is looking for a doctor to “shill” for them. According to Mindy, working for them would be “so embarassing,” even though he’s hot.

'The Mindy Project' recap 5x02: Nurse's Strike
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Tamra (Xosha Roquemore), Morgan (Ike Barinholtz), and Colette (Fortune Feimster) take over the meeting and inform the doctors that they, after speaking with nurses at the hospital, want to join a union and are starting a petition.

Mindy video chats with her mom and tries to ask her for money she lent her and her father a while back. Her mother tells her they can’t pay her back right now because her brother Rishi needs another semester at DJing school.

After Mindy finds out that the nurses joining a union means the doctors have to pay for the perks, Mindy takes back her support by erasing her name off their petition. Naturally, her own nurses walk in on her and decide to strike to get what they want.

Mindy, Jeremy (Ed Weeks), and Jody show up to the office the next morning where the nurses of their practice have taken to picketing outside of the building. After a few choice words, Mindy tells the nurses that if they really wanted to make more money, they should have gone to medical school.

The doctors quickly realize how hard life is without the nurses and Jeremy has the idea to invite Morgan to lunch to talk things through. He and Mindy meet up with him at a pancake restaurant, but are surprised when Nurse Ben shows up and tells Morgan they’re only trying to manipulate him because he’s the weakest link. Mindy admits that what Ben is saying is true and Morgan storms out.

Mindy heads home to find out Leo’s ear infection has gotten worse. Braving the picket line at the hospital, she takes him to the emergency room, where she assumes she’ll get the VIP treatment beacuse she’s a doctor, in an ER overcrowded with patients, likely due to the nurses strike.

'The Mindy Project' recap 5x02: Nurse's Strike
Photo: Hulu

From outside, Ben sees Mindy sitting with Leo and asks Morgan for her phone number, lying that he’s going to prank call her to demoralize her. Ben tells Mindy to meet him at her office so he can help. He gives her a trick to give Leo his medicine. Ben tells her he’s a single dad with a 13-year-old daughter and has to work nights as a bouncer to makes extra money. He tells Mindy that nothing’s too embarassing when it’s for your kid, which seems to give Mindy an idea about her Jody-apartment problem.

The next day, I’m assuming, she walks into Jody’s office and hands him a cheque for the apartment. He accepts it before Jeremy screams. The two rush out to find him reading a brochure from the midwives, welcoming Dr. Lahiri to their practice. Mindy tries to argue that “it’s just a brochure,” until a bus drives by outside with an ad plastering the side – it’s an image of Mindy with a speech bubble, saying, “I wish I was a midwife!”

The Mindy Project season 5, episode 3 airs Tuesday, October 18 on Hulu.


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