Making your own ‘Harry Potter’ Butterbeer lip balm is as easy as ‘swish and flick’

Accio, delicious Butterbeer lip balm!

Making your own 'Harry Potter' Butterbeer lip balm is as easy as 'swish and flick'
Photos: Quirky Momma/Warner Bros

When it comes to Harry Potter, I will literally glob onto any hint of nostalgia to keep those childhood memories fresh and current. Confession: I don’t want to grow up and I wish I could have stayed 11-years-old forever. This Harry Potter-inpsired Butterbeer lip balm, while not something I would wear all the time because lip balm isn’t my thing, is another tool I shall add to my arsenal in the eternal fight to stay young and cool.

Check out this simple DIY video from Quirky Momma (which is a page I’d already apparently liked – probably because its contents are so applicable to my life as a single, childless man) on Facebook:

The last step or so looks a little messy, but I’d imagine it’d be easy to clean up.

Watching the video for a tenth time just clued me into the fact that you could probably just eat this delicious concoction instead of applying it liberally to your dried lips. I’m nothing if not resourceful.

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