Iggy Azalea tells MTV how ‘Sailor Moon’ got her into trouble as a kid

"Moon prism power... with paint?"

Iggy Azalea tells MTV how 'Sailor Moon' got her into trouble as a kid

Any story that combines a celebrity and Sailor Moon, one of my favourite childhood shows, is something I definitely think I should share with you.

Iggy Azalea sat down with MTV and told a story about the time she got into the most trouble as a kid. She goes to say that when she and her sister were younger, they used to love watching Sailor Moon. One day, to imitate the white gloves that the girls on the show wore in their transformed states, Iggy and her sister found cans of white paint in their garage and coated their arms in it.

Later on, when their father came home, he found the entire front of the house had been splattered with white paint, as a natural consequence of the two girls running around.

Watch the video to hear the entire story yourself:

Get it, Iggy! Moon prism power!

Iggy Azalea tells MTV how 'Sailor Moon' got her into trouble as a kid

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