Kim Kardashian was on ‘Gilmore Girls’ once… sort of

Kim Kardashian was on 'Gilmore Girl's once... sort of
Did you ever notice that one time Kim Kardashian had a "cameo" on "Gilmore Girls"? Chances are you didn't. That's okay. See it here!

For those keeping track, Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival is only weeks away! In fact, it’s so close that we should probably just start counting in hours. Someone go do that and I’ll get on with why we’re all here.

In anticipation of Gilmore Girls‘ return, I have, like most fans, been rewatching the show on Netflix. I wouldn’t call it a super power, but I have this heightened fascination with noticing the smallest of things, then rewinding and pausing to over-examine it.

What I caught this time around was a Kim Kardashian “cameo” on Gilmore Girls. The reason this is so strange to me, and why I felt the need to address it, is because, in my mind, Gilmore Girls and the Kim we now know, never existed at the same time. However, upon further research, I soon realized that isn’t true.

The episode in question? Season 7, episode 16 “Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore?” The scene? Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Suki (Melissa McCarthy) in Lorelai’s living room, prepping Lane’s upcoming baby shower. Suki, very pregnant at the time, is lounging in an arm chair, reading a copy of InTouch Magazine. Back then, Kim was just coming into her own as a bonafide celebrity and, evidently, the rumoured girlfriend of Nick Lachey.

Kim Kardashian was on 'Gilmore Girls' once... sort of
Photo via Netflix

This episode of Gilmore Girls originally aired February 27, 2007, which I would imagine meant that it filmed in January of that same year? The first-ever episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired October 14, 2007. So, when Kim made her Gilmore Girls “cameo,” she was not the heavy-hitting A-lister we know today and was, perhaps, best known for her friendship with Paris Hilton.

I will say that I tried to find an image of the cover in its entirety. Of course, by ‘tried,’ I mean I gave up after 5 minutes because I got a Twitter notification. Even so, I call this investigative journalism at its finest.

What’s the smallest and strangest thing you’ve ever noticed on a TV show?

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