8 steamy reads to hold you over until ’50 Shades Darker’ hits theatres

8 steamy reads to hold you over until '50 Shades Darker' hits theatres

Believe it or not, the 50 Shades of Grey series by E.L. James wasn’t the first book to feature a hot and heavy romance, and it certainly won’t be the last. If you’re dying to sit in a theatre and catch the film adaption of the second book, Fifty Shades Darker, try and hold yourself over with one of these equally thrilling and intense books.

Fifty Shades Darker hits theatres on February 10.

Tell Me a Story by Tamara Lush

  1. The Story Series by Tamara Lush – Emma is an innovative bookstore owner in Orlando whose creative book events continue to draw in crowds of interested readers. The most popular event: Story Brothel, where customers can pay writers to read to them in a private session. When Caleb, a handsome businessman hires Emma to read him some of her erotica things heat up. You do not want to miss this steamy series by Tamara Lush, romance author extraordinaire.

The Darkest Torment by Gena Showalter

  1. The Darkest Torment by Gena Showalter – After spending centuries in purgatory by the hands of the demon of Distrust, Baden is back but cursed with the inability to withstand the touch of another. Dog trainer Katrina Joelle is forced to marry a monster in order to protect her family. When Baden and Katrina are unexpectedly brought together, they are meant to be enemies, but neither can deny the spark. This is a cannot miss addition to Showalter’s captivating and heart-pounding Lords of the Underworld

An Almond for a Parrot by Wray Delaney

  1. An Almond for a Parrot by Wray Delaney – While in prison for being accused of murder, Tully Truegood starts to write her life story about being a young girl wandering the streets of London and into her stepmother Queenie’s Fairy House. As Queenie trains Tully to be a courtesan, she begins a journey of sexual awakening where she falls for one of her clients. But pleasure becomes pain when her estranged husband that she was forced to marry attempts to find her. As she awaits her trial where she expects to be hung, her only hope of escaping this dreadful future is to get her story out.

Now You're Mine by Avril Tremayne

  1. Now You’re Mine by Avril Tremayne – When journalist Jenna Martin is sent to the United Arab Emirates to write a review on a new resort, she meets an exotic billionaire named Kalan Al Talyani that tempts and seduces her right out of her comfort zone. She returns home to Boston after an amazing one-night stand where she discovers Kalan followed her back to the states and she must make a decision to either live the rest of life in constraints or take a risk.

Jacked Up by Samantha Kane

  1. Jacked Up by Samantha Kane – After leaving the army, Sam Taylor has emotional wounds that just can’t seem to heal. But his best friend, defensive lineman King Ulupoka, is determined to get him back on the dating market. ER nurse Jane Foster has decided she no longer wants to be a good girl and what other way to do that then to take both Sam and King back to her hotel room. When she can’t decided which one she wants more, it turns into s rollercoaster ride when all three decide to join in on this steamy night of new experiences.

Distraction by Nicole Edwards

  1. Distraction by Nicole Edwards – Dylan Thomas had been living in world of desperation and sorrow for the past ten years after losing his dear wife. He thought he would never know what it felt like to love again until his world is turned upside down. She told him that what they shared was just a distraction so she could escape for a while. But once he gets a taste of what it feels like to be alive again, Dylan finds the strength to feel again.

Hard Rhythm by Ceclia Tan

  1. Hard Rhythm by Cecilia Tan – Maddie Rofel has witnessed more kinky behaviors than most people ever will while working as a hostess in L.A.’s most elite private sex club. But none of it fails to shock or excite her until one night when she has a very intimate interaction with drummer Chino Garcia. They form an instant connection and suddenly Maddie can’t help but to submit to his every whim. But Chino has been trying to outrun something from his past for a long time and he hopes losing himself in Maddie will help escape his dark secrets.

Fifty Shades Darker by EL James

  1. 50 Shades Darker by E.L. James – Overwhelmed by the dark and twisted secrets of wealthy entrepreneur Christian Grey, Anastasia Steele ends their relationship. But when he proposes a new arrangement, the still existing fiery passion cannot be dismissed and Anastasia agrees. After they rekindle their affair, she is forced to face her feelings of envy for the demons that are the women of Christian’s past. Can’t wait for the movie to find out what happens? Check out the book!

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  • Abigail

    Gotta add “The Darker Side of Lust” to this list! Currently in its 2nd edition! http://thedarkersideoflust.com

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    Thrilled to see my book on the list!